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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is this Readers' Corner all about?
A. The Readers' Corner is an online facility for readers of EFY Publications, and aims to provide direct support to our customers, e.g., the e-zine facility will allow our readers to read the digital version of the magazine as soon as the magazine is sent off to the press.

Q. There seem to be some issues with the design and layout of this facility. Plus, sometimes I encounter errors. Why is this happening?
A. The current release of this online facility is under the Beta phase. The Beta phase implies that the website is still under testing stage. We have done the Alpha testing, which is done in-house, but now we have opened the doors for our readers, so that we can get your feedback and suggestions on how can we improve the user experience further. We have put a tab titled 'Feedback' on this website so that you can share your problems, feedback, suggestions, etc with us.

Q. How will I get my login & password?
A. The login is your email-ID that you had mentioned in your subscription form. A unique password has been assigned for each of our readers. Information about both has been sent via email or post to all subscribers. However, if you have not received your login information, please contact our Customer Support team at OR 011- 26810601 or 02 or 03 (extension: 242).

Q. What if I had not shared my email-ID while sending my subscription order?
A. Not an issue. You will be provided with a generic login and a unique password. Login using these two, and then add an active email-ID, to activate your account.

Q. Can I change my email-ID?
A. Yes. Once you login, you can click on the link provided to change your email-ID. Again, an email will be sent to your new ID, and once you click on the validation web-link, your account will be activated.

Q. How can I get updates about latest developments about this facility?
A. We will be updating the information on the website itself. You can also become a "fan" of our Facebook page, which is at:


Q. What all do I need to do to start using the e-zine facility?
A. There are three things that you need to do, to access the e-zines. They are:
(i) Confirm an active email-ID of yours
(ii) Validate your email-ID by clicking on an email sent to your email-ID
(iii) Share details about your profile and preferences

Q. Once I have completed all three steps--how do I proceed further?
A. Once you have finished the three steps, a link will be provided to you that will take you to a list of issues that are available as an e-zine edition. You can click on any edition (within your subscription period) to read it.

Q. Can I read editions outside my subscription period too?
A. No. If you try to click on any issue outside your subscription period, an alert will pop up on your browser. However, you can always buy additional editions.

Q. Can I subscribe only to the e-zine edition of EFY Publications?
A. We realise that now many of our readers might want to only access the e-zine edition, and may want to buy a single issue or subscribe to multiple editions. Soon, we will be announcing pricing for (a) a single issue, (b) multiple issues spread across a fixed period, and (c) old issues.

Q. Is there any limit to the number of times I can read an issue? A. No. As long as you can access this facility, you can read all the issues in your account, as many times as you want.

Q. What happens when my subscription expires?
A. The moment your subscription expires, you will not be able to view any issue in the e-zine section. Once you renew, you will be able to access your earlier editions, as well as the new issues.

Q. What is the file format of the e-zines?
A. The main e-zine is available in Adobe Flash format. Hence, it's important that your browser has the Adobe Flash plug-in installed. For some editions, we have also stored the issue as a series of articles stored in the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format. If you want to view the PDF files, then your browser must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in installed.

Q. I buy copies of EFY Publications from the news-stands. Will I get access to the e-zine facility too?
A. Sorry, but this facility is restricted to subscribers.